Maximize your year-end results

As the year-end approaches, Canadians head into winter mode – dreaming of warm destinations and making holiday shopping lists.  Many of us plan to take some time off work, focus on family, and slow things down over the winter.

It is also a time of year that many people make decisions about how to allocate their charitable dollars, with 31% of annual charitable donations made in the month of December. [1]  So don’t miss this important opportunity to connect with your donors and let them know how their gift will make a difference to your cause.

Consider these important points to maximize your donor’s year-end giving:

  • The tax year ends with the calendar year on December 31st – the last date that a charity can issue a tax receipt which can be claimed for the current tax year. A charitable tax receipt provides donors with a tax credit which can be claimed to reduce income tax payable.  Therefore donors may choose to use charitable giving as part of their tax strategy and year-end is a key time to remind your supporters of these potential tax benefits.
  • Donors can calculate their charitable tax donation credit on-line through this CRA calculator.
  • Ensure that both your message and the giving process are presented clearly and as simply as possible. Be sure to offer an easy to follow on-line giving option that will allow your donor to receive an immediate electronic tax receipt.  Giving Gateway can customize a landing page and on-line donation form which will provide your donors with a simple and effective way to give.
  • The approaching holiday season is for many a time of gift giving. So it’s also the perfect time to ask your donors to “give back” and help others. Many charities offer ways for donors to send holiday themed tribute cards or “buy” specific items as part of a charitable giving program in lieu of traditional gifts.
  • If the holidays offer opportunities to volunteer with your charity, this is an important invitation to extend to your donors. Volunteering allows donors to become involved with the meaningful work of your organization, and seeing the impact of their charitable dollars may motivate a larger year-end donation.

With these simple steps, you will maximize your charity’s year-end giving results and ensure that your donors feel that they have made a meaningful contribution this holiday season.