Maintain brand integrity with a one-site fundraising solution

First impressions can make a huge impact on whether or not potential supporters deem your organization worthy of their time and donation, and when it comes to online marketing, small oversights can risk a huge loss. This is why many charitable organizations have learned to invest substantial resources to developing an impactful web presence.

By committing to a one-site fundraising solution for your brand, you are communicating a promise of professionalism and trustworthiness to your audience. Many nonprofit organizations miss the mark when it comes to their online fundraising system, building a website for their event or campaign only to shuffle registrants and donors off to another website when they offer to participate. This creates a poor user experience and can diminish perceived brand integrity.

Brand Integrity

A one-site fundraising solution maintains brand-consistent throughout, regardless of entry point. With every aspect of the website carefully tailored to the look and feel of your brand, registrants avoid the risk of confusion and doubt that arise when outsourced to an alternative domain. Instead, each feature of the nonprofit’s website is designed to incorporate the specific colour schemes, fonts, styles and layouts throughout, thereby offering a polished and professional appearance.


Giving Gateway’s donation and peer-to-peer platform offers charities and nonprofit organizations the freedom of configuring their fully branded fundraising solution under one domain or URL. This helps to protect registrants and donors from shuffling back and forth between two or more web addresses. URL management is also kept very simple. Imagine the simplicity and convenience of having supporters participate by visiting: ‘’, or sharing their personal support page at: ‘’.

Also imagine having full control over how your fundraising campaign’s homepage and subsequent content pages will look and behave. This is a huge advantage for nonprofit executives looking to maintain brand consistency. Opting for a one-site solution offers supporters and fundraisers to your cause the convenience of reviewing event information, sending solicitation requests, collecting donations, page sharing, sending thank you letters and real-time performance tracking from one centralized location!


Trust and reputation are assets that nonprofit organizations must work diligently to maintain. As integrity is synonymous with trust in the business world, donors want to be able to trust the charities they choose to contribute their hard-earned after tax dollars to. In order to achieve this, consistency is key. An organization should maintain who they say they are, and sending potential donors to an outsourced third-party web domain hosted outside of their country may raise a few red flags (especially with the security of their personal or financial information).  Do not give your supporters any reason to doubt the integrity of your brand, especially in the pursuit of achieving charitable donations.

With Giving Gateway, you can expect an all-in-one mobile-optimized peer-to-peer fundraising management system that has committed to helping Canadian Charities engage supporters and raise more money towards their cause. Organizations can expect a secure one-site solution that offers lower bounce rates, full support, and exceptional reliability. Improve your donors experience through the promise of integrity, convenience and trust while you build donor loyalty and optimize the success of your campaign.

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