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Fundraising fundamentals: the path to becoming a better online fundraiser

You’re a good fundraiser. It shows. The people you meet respond to your words, your actions and your belief in the cause. So beyond shared values and your relationship building skills, to what do you attribute a successful canvas?

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A 320% increase in funds raised and happy kids

“Wow” is all I can say after witnessing such an incredible act of generosity and community engagement.

This morning marked the 4th annual First Foundations Children’s Academy Move-A-thon fundraiser which raised a record $12,619 in just a couple of weeks.

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How smartphone habits have changed fundraising strategies

Having a professional, well branded website is still one of the most important tools for any nonprofit organization as it remains the central hub of information and engagement opportunities. That being said, the habits and expectation of website visitors have evolved considerably over the past number of years. As modern society has shifted towards the convenience of mobile phone usage for many of their daily tasks, it has become even more important for charities to tailor their online presence towards mobile-friendly capabilities.

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A little “Thank You” goes a long way

“Thank You” letters are a wonderful tool in expressing gratitude and making other people feel great about themselves. For fundraisers, these thank you letters have the potential to carry a much more powerful role. As modern society has created a customer service culture where being polite is a basic level of service, there is a different level of etiquette required when dealing with people who are willing to donate towards your cause.

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Maintain brand integrity with a one-site fundraising solution

First impressions can make a huge impact on whether or not potential supporters deem your organization worthy of their time and donation, and when it comes to online marketing, small oversights can risk a huge loss. This is why many charitable organizations have learned to invest substantial resources to developing an impactful web presence.

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