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New to peer-to-peer fundraising?

What is Peer-to-Peer (P2P) fundraising?

As a concept, Peer-to-Peer fundraising is nothing new. Long before smartphones, tablets and wifi, volunteer fundraisers used all of the tools at their disposal to solicit and collect funds for a cause. In fact, kids would often take the lead, schlepping a Unicef box door-to-door to collect loose change on Halloween; or motivating relatives to give a cash or cheque sponsorship towards their school’s readathon.  At their core, these are Peer-to-Peer campaigns distilled down to the most basic principles.

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3 easy ways to increase donor confidence in your organization

Every thriving relationship is built upon a foundation of robust trust. Relationships between non-profit organizations and their supporters are no different, and building trust with your donors goes beyond simply establishing good will. In the information age, donors increasingly expect both organizational transparency and demonstrable results. Fortunately, you can maintain and build donor confidence by ensuring that key information is available on your organization’s website, and by regularly reporting back to donors with concrete examples of investment and impact.

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Quick tips on how to grow & maintain your e-mail contact list

Reaching out to potential donors has never been easier – they’re just a click away. But staying in touch with your donors,  fundraisers, canvassers, volunteers and lay committees requires effort to keep your email lists current.  Building your list of contacts can only be achieved by growing your email database.  A few simple but essential strategies will help you successfully reach out to a new audience and keep in touch with your current supporters.

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